Shelby, a non-believer in Christ begins experiencing dreams of spiritual warfare. As she chooses to ignore the meaning behind them she finds herself coming to a choice of living for herself or stepping into a relationship with Christ.

Our Next Film

As God calls Ramsaur Films into further filmmaking of Christian themed films, God has revealed to make a feature film. Please scroll down for more info.

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In today's world how often do you hear someone talk about Heaven? Or how amazing and exciting Heaven will be? Like "The Passion of the Christ" this film can be used as a tool to share the gospel.


After an alternate dimension researcher loses someone very close to him he does everything to find them, even if that means finding Heaven.

When will it come out?

Making a 60+ minute high end and successful film will not be easy. Ramsaur Films is not a movie studio but only a single individual, therefore many funds will need to be raised. Only through the power of prayer this film can be made through God and through you. We would like to begin filming by Summer 2017. This can be used as a tithe too. If you feel led, click "donate" below.